'Fugitive' John McAfee on the phone: the full interview (incl. audio)

25 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 25 Jan, 2019
by Will Heasman
'Fugitive' John McAfee on the phone: the full interview (incl. audio)

John McAfee fled the United States earlier this week after he heard that a secret grand jury is about to release an indictment stating that McAfee didn’t pay for taxes on cryptocurrency investments. Chepicap had an exclusive interview with the die-hard crypto enthusiast, who left the US with the Freedom Boat and is now on the Bahamas. This is the full transcript of that interview.

If you want to read the article with the interview that Chepicap had with McAfee and the background of the story, you can find it here.

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If you rather listen to the full conversation between Chepicap and McAfee, this is the audio fragment.

For all the readers, here is the full transcript of the interview, that was taken in two parts, one of five minutes and one of nine minutes. The reason for the two separate parts: McAfee at first didn’t want to stay on the phone for more than five minutes, so that authorities wouldn’t be able to track the signal. 


John McAfee: “I’m available now.”

Will Heasman: “Brilliant, okay, so thank you again for agreeing to talk to us.”

JM: Not a problem, not a problem. Our timing is tied, I can’t speak for more than five minutes at a time, or they will be able to track the signal, sir.

WH: Are we able to call you back?

JM: Yeah, well, no, we can talk for five minutes. Just wait a few hours and talk for another five, that’s the only way we can do this, sir. Alright?

WH: Okay, so I’ll jump straight into it. Did you see the situation coming? It’s been a few hectic days for you. Could you explain the situation a bit, and what’s going on?

JM: Of course I saw the situation coming, I mean, I’m John McAfee, I’m one of the world’s leading computer security experts, which means I know how to find out anything, obviously. So I knew it was coming, of course. This took months of preparations.

You may call me a coward but I’m standing up to music. However, I can not talk to the people. I cannot run a campaign if I have no voice. And in prison I have no voice. The instant they put out an indictment, had I stayed, I would’ve been arrested, thrown in prison, and they would’ve argued that I would be a flight risk, and they would not have given me bail. Well, of course I’m a flight risk… I am in flight!

I have nothing to hide, nothing, except for my own person, my own body and I’m hiding it from being collected. Everything else in my life is as open as it can possibly be. So they did not count on me finding out about this secret grand jury, which I did. And here I am.

We put out a very fascinating video this morning on Twitter. About a CIA state department sponsored attempt to collect me already, even though, haha, I haven’t been formally charged until the grand jury releases its indictment, which can be today, tomorrow or in two weeks.

WH: Do you think the IRS involvement has to do with your crypto involvement?

JM: This is all about crypto. I am the one who has been saying on all of the conferences, all of my keynote speeches: crypto will kill every attempt to collect taxes. It can’t be done, if we all use privacy coins. And I then go on to say: and I think that’s a good thing.

If they can take me down, it will send a signal to everybody: if we can take down McAfee then we can take down you. It will harm crypto tremendously. So I cannot allow that to happen. And this is what’s going on.

WH: So you’re going to run the presidential campaign from the freedom boat? What can we expect to see?

It’s going to be the most unique campaign in American history. I cannot show up anywhere where they know I will be. I’m using surrogates, or in German: doppelgangers. People wearing a mask, with electronic facilities, that can give a keynote as me. They won’t be talking, I’ll be talking through a little speaker, I will be able to see the conference attendees’, answer questions, shake hands even. And we have thousands of volunteers, ready to go.

WH: And what kind of policies do you think you’ll promote on the campaign?

JM: I have no policies. There is only one. How can we make a policy when we live within a government, that is comprised entirely of secrets? How can I make a policy about something, that I don’t know the truth about? I can’t. Not any candidate for president. We first have to free ourselves from this bale of deception that our government has created and is using to control us. And how do we do that? Let me talk! I’m 73. The situation I am in now, this is not unique to me life. This is my life. I do nothing but fight corruption. How? By bringing to people’s awareness the truth of their existence. That’s all. That’s my campaign.

WH: And it’s gonna be about promoting crypto right? How is that going to be done?

JM: If we take control over our currency, we take control over our finances, and therefore take control over every aspect of our life. This is our hope, and my dream is that people will listen and understand.

I’m sorry sir, we have to cut this short. I just got the next sign from my manager okay? I will talk to you later, bye bye.


WH: I know you are not using a bank account right now, and you said your bank account might be frozen. So, are you using a cryptocurrency in order to survive on the Freedom Boat? Maybe like a privacy coin?

JM: We are going to be fine. But this is how illegal our IRS is, and how powerful they are outside the law. I have not been charged yet, because the grand jury has not released its verdict. But it will be an indictment. It always is with the IRS. And in spite of that, I have not been charged, nothing.

Your account is not frozen, mister McAfee. We just need one additional form notarized. I get it notarized, and suddenly they say: we can’t accept that notary, you should send another one. May I speak to the bank manager? Well, he is out for lunch. When can I call him back? Well, he will call you. And they never do.

A day before the grand jury was convened, my money was essentially frozen. Even though it’s not frozen.

And I haven’t even been charged yet, I can’t be formally charged until the grand jury charges me, right? So right now I’m just an ordinary citizen just like everybody, that can’t access his money.

I’m not worried about that, trust me, I’m a resourceful person. I cannot trade any of my crypto because the IRS is going to use that as absolute proof: see, he is using cryptocurrency. So I can’t do that. My advisors are suggesting that I simply start a defense fund.

I can’t even ask for contributions for my campaign, because the federal election commission would step in there. Because if they want to do something to you, they can.

I just put out a little video today about all of the officials who boarded our boat. We were carrying 19 weapons, but there was nothing illegal about that either right. They are trying everything.

The only support that I’m getting, believe it or not, is from the CIA. And my contact within the CIA says that the CIA will under no circumstances, corporate with the IRS in kidnapping me and returning me to the US. You know the CIA does this all the time right. But he has promised me, he said that will not happen. There is not a station agent in the world who would agree to do that with me. So they have to go to court.

WH: So the officials on your boat today, do you assume they were the IRS, or send by the IRS?

JM: They were sent by them, of course. The influence. Listen, the IRS has the longest arm in the world. They can reach to China and touch people if they choose. However, my nose is clean, I am documented. You can’t do anything, unless I’ve done something. Extradition is my only issue. I’ll tell you where we are: we are in the Bahamas. There is no need to try to keep this a secret. It is clear that the government knew where I was. They do have these fucking satellites up there, that can track my every fucking moment. I’ve even given them the description of the boat that I’m on.

I’m going to retain a lawyer, not a high powered Nassau lawyer that has clients like Donald Trump or Clinton, no, a country lawyer, who understands that this is a politically motivated prosecution. I’m one of the tall trees in the crypto community. Crypto terrifies governments. It literally terrifies them, because when privacy coins come, no government will be able to collect taxes. It’s the facts.

So now, they think that if they grab me, it’ll send the word: ‘Listen if we can grab McAfee, we can sure as fuck grab you. So you better not to anything. Get the fuck out of crypto.’

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WH: I think this is gonna massively backfire, I think that’s what we’re going to see from this. Especially with your coverage of it, and other people’s coverage of it. I think it will backfire on the IRS and the truth will come out.

JM: I think that the IRS made a mistake here. Now, had I actually been doing something that they are alleging, whatever it is what I’ve done, that would be one thing. But let me tell you something: I have not sold a single fucking crypto thing ever. Sure, I have a lot. But until it’s sold it’s just digital data. When I was the chairman of MGT I didn’t sell a single share or stock. My nose is cleaner than anybody’s in the business.

WH: Is that their issue? They are worried about the tax you owe on crypto, is that what they are saying?

JM: They think I’ve taken crypto, I’ve sold it and that I stored the money away. I haven’t sold a single fucking token. They are going to have a really hard time proving that one. It will backfire.

WH: So you said you’re going to a lawyer, and that’s your medium-term plan. Do you have a long-term plan and do you intend on returning to the US at all?

JM: Well, of course I want to return, it’s my home. But for right now, my job is to continue to be able to speak to the world. To let them know how I see things at least, and how things might change for the better. If they collect me, my voice will be silenced. I will be put into prison and I won’t have access to the internet. No, I need to stay free enough to talk to the world about what I have done, what I have seen and what is really happening here. Because we are living in America, with one of the most corrupt governments in the world. It just doesn’t look like it because it is so sophisticated.

I’ve got a bunch of people coming pretty soon so listen I have one more question and I’ll move on.

WH: Okay, I just want to know how life is on the Freedom Boat.

JM: It’s spectacular actually. we’ve got four large dogs, Janice and I, seven of my troops, the captain, the documentarian, and we’re having an absolute blast!

WH: That’s fantastic. Thank you so much for talking to us John, and best of luck with everything.

JM: And take a look, you want to take a look at that video up on Twitter of the IRS’ attempt to use a foreign power, to hold me long enough for them to collect me. It failed miserably. Take a look, it’s dramatic.

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Read more: John McAfee speaks out from the Freedom Boat: "Only support from CIA"


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