Market showing hints of green, with a few coins standing out

25 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 25 Jan, 2019
by David Borman
Price Action
Market showing hints of green, with a few coins standing out

Today saw the market take a slight step up towards higher levels, though only a handful of coins showed real promise. No major dumps seem to be going on just now and in general, a sense of calm has overtaken the market.

Coin Market Capitalization/Bitcoin Dominance

Current market capitalization is at $120,581,894,918, up about $1.5 billion today. Bitcoin dominance is again holding strong at 52.4%.

Current price of Bitcoin: $3,611.41.

Top 10

Looking at the top 10 coins, todays biggest standout is Litecoin (LTC) showing an impressive 2.84% jump to $32.90, with TRON (TRX) not far behind coming up 1.96% to $0.026. As for losses the only major drop came from Bitcoin Cash (BCH) slipping -1.75% to $129.57.

Biggest Winners/Losers

Moving into the top 100, we saw gains well above the market in Holo (HOT) and PundiX (NPXS), rising 35.16% to $0.0010 and 24.87% to $0.0005, respectively. As for losses, none were too bad but Aurora (AOA) did lose -16.05% landing at $0.0075.

Not the most exciting day in the market but at least the majority of movement is towards the green. Every day we don't drop lower is another day of hope that we have already seen the bottom of this bear market. Always stay right here with Chepicap for all updates on price action!

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