McAfee after escaping the US: 'Nothing to hide with one exception'

23 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 23 Jan, 2019
by Jelmer van der Dussen
McAfee after escaping the US: 'Nothing to hide with one exception'

It might be a first in history: on Tuesday, John McAfee fled the United States after being charged with felonies bij the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and he is covering his full escape by boat live on Twitter.

Throughout the evening and night, McAfee has given updates on him fleeing the US. In one of the videos from his boat, the die-hard cryptocurrency enthusiast says that he has 'nothing to hide, with one exception. Me, the person, this body, and hiding it from those wanting to collect it.'

"Is that not my fundamental right, and everyone's? The right to self-defense? I've got nothing to hide. I've been so open with the world since I was 12 years old. I don't have time nor energy for lies and deceptions. They are too hard to carry, especially for an old man like me."

McAfee, his wife and four campaign workers were charged with felonies by the IRS. McAfee said just after his escape: 'I have not paid taxes for eight years. I have made no secret of it.'

'As a warning for everyone else'
A few hours later, speaking from his boat that is possibly heading towards Venezuela, McAfee speculated that his role as a cryptocurrency evangelist is the reason why the government wants to take him in. "Every so often and very rarely, a clash of old and new cultures brought by technology changes civilization. Cryptocurrency is one of those technologies, and probably the most dramatic one to have occured in human history since the invention of fire."

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McAfee explains that cryptocurrency frees individuals from government control. "Governments see what is coming and it's terrorising them. Governments will not be able to collect taxes because of the use of privacy coins, and this is happening now."

McAfee further states that 'governments will disappear'. "I warned for this. I'm on the stage constantly saying that this is coming. And I'm being cut down as one of the tallest trees in the forest, as a warning to everyone else."

McAfee hands out masks of his face
McAfee will continue his 2020 presidential campaign, one that he isn't planning to win. He said before that he just wants a stage to spread the word on cryptocurrency. He will run this campaign 'in exile' now.

McAfee made a few plans already. "We have thousands of volunteers with masks of my face that we divided in two different groups. The first group consists of road warriors, who once a month are going to appear in parks, on street corners, restaurants, all around America, while I speak through loudspeakers through them."

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"The second group is going to conferences, doing keynotes and debates." McAfee is following an Asian concept here, where you can send a representative to a conference 'and they go as you, with a mask or an iPad strapped to their head'. Via Skype, a connection with McAfee can be made.

Obviously McAfee fleeing the United States is being discussed widely in the crypto community, with one of the critiques on McAfee that he looked vulnurable 'or under the influence of cocaine', with his hands uncontrollably shaking in the videos. McAfee had something to say about that:

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