Sirin Labs founder and CEO scammed out of a 'significant amount' of Bitcoin

23 Jan, 2019
by Colin Hawkins
Sirin Labs founder and CEO scammed out of a 'significant amount' of Bitcoin

Sirin Labs founder/ CEO, and the creator of the Blockchain phone, Moshe Hogeg, has reportedly been scammed out of a large amount of Bitcoin according to an Israeli news website.

Hogeg, attempting to purchase a large amount of Grin with Bitcoin, has been scammed out of his BTC after dealing with a trusted over the counter service for trading crypto. Hogeg was in direct contact with the seller of the Grin through Telegram and coordinated through Telegram how the transaction was to go forward. Though the seller was recommended to Hogeg by a third-party ‘trustee’, Hogeg having his reservations, still requested an amount of Grin to be sent to him, so he could verify that the seller owns the amount of coin he was looking for.

After the seller complied with Hogeg’s requests, he sent the Bitcoin for the Grin then waited for the full amount of his Grin to arrive. This however, did not happen. Once he sent the Bitcoin he never heard from the seller and trustee ever again. The exact amount of Bitcoin that Hogeg lost is unconfirmed, but according to a Facebook post by Hogeg himself in a local Bitcoin community, the amount was significant.

Bitcoin scams happen every day, however it is rare that a industry elite is scammed out of a large amount, even after taking precautions. As reported by Chepicap, Hogeg is the founder and CEO of Sirin Labs, the blockchain company that recently launched the world's first brick and mortar store for their blockchain powered smartphone.

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