Despite delays, Bakkt is currently hiring for multiple new positions

22 Jan, 2019
by David Borman
Despite delays, Bakkt is currently hiring for multiple new positions

Despite a variety of good news, the most sought after news coming out of the Bakkt exchange recently has been its ever elusive launch date. That doesn't mean the company has been idle however. It seems that multiple new positions have opened up on the exchage's official site, proving that the project is still looking to expand even as it has been put in "limbo."

The positions that have been posted range across a variety of disciplines, but all point to the fact that Bakkt is committed to being the premiere institutional trading platform. Positions include:

- Director of Blockchain Engineering

- Blockchain Developer

- Director of Security Engineering

- Senior Full Stack Engineer

- Mobile Developer

- Software Development Engineer in Test

- Director of Finance

- Institutional Sales

The majority of positions are coming from the U.S, primarily Atlanta and New York, however some positions are available spanning Asia, the Middle East and Europe. All of this is highly optimistic that Bakkt still intends to be a big player and hasn't been discouraged by the lack of forward progress.

Hopefully approval comes to Bakkt soon, as well as an updated launch date, but until then we can at least have faith that the continued development means that when the exchange launches, it will launch strong. In the meantime stick right here with Chepicap for all news concerning the new platform!

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