Crypto investor Alistair Milne explains why BTC will surpass its all-time high

22 Jan, 2019
Crypto investor Alistair Milne explains why BTC will surpass its all-time high

Cryptocurrency investor and entrepreneur Alistair Milne outlined his hypothesis on the current state of Bitcoin, explaining that he believes it will supercede it's all time high in the future.

In a series of tweets, Milne outlined his expectations for bitcoin in the future. The entrepreneur explained how as an early investor, he used to "speculate about how it (BTC) was an 'asymmetric investment opportunity'."

Milne explains that since BTC has dropped 80% in value since the all time high, "the asymmetric opportunity is absolutely explicit." Milne explained further that BTC may drop or potentially "retest its ATH (5x) ... at a minimum."

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Milne continues to explain that mass adoption waves grow over time, insisting that "The probability that Bitcoin matches its ATH price again and doesn't then continue past it seems very low." Milne also admits he won't be selling BTC at $19,000 next time it reaches that high.  

The increase in price is attributed to mainstream awareness and institutional money participants. Milne believes once bitcoin proves it is 'not dead' yet again, more people will buy into it. Milne continues to elaborate on BTC being Gold 2.0, with BTCs inflation/production rate heading for lower levels than gold next year, "they shouldn't doubt Gold 2.0" he commented. 

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Milne believes sentiment may take time, insisting that "30-50 million people owning crypto is not the industry's peak". 

Milne concludes his tweet thread by stating that the next bull run will ultimately decide which blockchains will survive for the next 100 years, admitting that "Bitcoin is currently the *only* sure thing"

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