Bitconnect promoter famous for his scream shows support to Haven Protocol

22 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 22 Jan, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
Bitconnect promoter famous for his scream shows support to Haven Protocol

Carlos Matos from New York, who was famous for his scream while promoting Bitconnect made a tweet that promotes the Haven Protocol (XHV).

Still remember the guy screaming “Bitconneeeeeect” in a Bitconnect conference a while ago? If the scream doesn’t ring a bell, this video might.

After “disappearing” from the public following an investigation related to Bitconnect scam that he has somehow managed to get away, Carlos Matos from New York has been seen promoting a healthy drink for a while.

His recent tweet, however, shows an image of a tattooed arm with Haven Protocol (XHV) logo, with the caption that says, “Redness from The Haven Protocol $XHV Tattoo I Got Last Week Is Much Better. @HavenProtocol Team Represent!”

It is unclear what connection he has with the Monero coin fork that has been accused of conducting an exit scam recently, but a Twitter user replied to the tweet saying, “Please let us know which coins you're in so we can keep a safe distance. $bcc $xhv.”

Another user commented, “You are offically the best crypto indicator.”

Regardless, his tweet could mean anything or nothing at all as it could be just an effort to be benefited from the XHV mass hysteria.

On the other hand, a recent update on the Haven Protocol case claims that the project is still alive, despite the fact that it’s been left by its developers. The rest of the XHV team reassured the public that they’re not conducting an exit scam and that the chaos will soon be over.

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