Update: Haven is still alive- The lead developer is out, but no exit scam

22 Jan, 2019
by Arthur Sillers
Update: Haven is still alive- The lead developer is out, but no exit scam

The privacy coin Haven recently experienced some drama and an absolute nose-dive after developers announced they were leaving. Many went as far as declaring an exit scam, and still more assuming that the project would crash and burn. One of the developers behind the project, Donjor has taken to Twitter to attempt to dispel these rumors, insisting that while the project has hit a rut, it is still active and under development.

 What appears to have happened is that the lead developer, Havendev (all of the developers use pseudonyms) was getting pressure from the rest of the team to share the code repository, the underlying code behind the coin. Havendev was the only one with access to the code repositories and thus the only developer who could implement changes to the code underlying the coin.

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While the rest of the team felt that in the spirit of decentralization and developmental efficiency the team should have direct access to the infrastructure of Haven’s XHV protocol, this seems to have soured Havendev to the entire project. Havendev neglected to tell anyone else on the team on his sudden loss of faith, and stopped communicating with the rest of the team.

This has led other developers to give up on the project as well. Especially with all the resultant chaos (the price dropped by about 30% at one point) many involved in the project seemed to feel that the culture and (lack of) communication style made working on the token not worth the trouble.

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While there was speculation that this was the end for the nascent privacy coin, Havendev, earlier today, made contact.

While a number of developers are likely bowing out, Donjor seems to have taken over as the lead, has gained access to the code repository, and has laid bare the full story.

 So, in summation: Haven is still alive, and did not go through an exit scam. XHV’s price was and is hurt by the drama, but is actually making a fairly solid recovery. Lastly, once again crypto developers prove that any expertise they have in computer science does not translate to public relations.

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