Circle offers 'Buy the Market' tool to its crypto investment app

22 May, 2018
by Joeri Cant
Circle offers 'Buy the Market' tool to its crypto investment app

After a soft launch, Circle is now making the app available with its full suite of services. Earlier Circle had released its app in 46 U.S. states as part of an "early access availability" phase.

Circle senior product manager Rachel Mayer told Coindesk, that one of the full features going live on Tuesday is the "Buy the Market" tool, which is geared toward newer users.

"'Buy the Market' is the culmination of all we've been doing since the soft launch," she explained, "It's trying to solve the problem of signing up and trying to be a newbie investor and you're not sure how much to put in and where and why. 'Buy the Market' is just a very easy way to invest in the seven supported assets on Circle Invest, you choose the funds you'd like to invest in, and we do the rest. We automatically divide the investment into each specific coin market cap waiting and you can purchase the coin instantly. The focus is the market."

Circle will mark up assets by 1%, but won't charge any fixed fees on top, which is different from existing trading platforms, according to Mayer.

Mayer added that Circle was "actively thinking about when to add new coins," but didn't share any info on when or which cryptocurrencies would be added.

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