founder: "Bitcoin Cash is dead"

20 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 20 Jan, 2019
by Will Heasman
Opinion founder: Bitcoin Cash is dead

Shots have been fired at Bitcoin Cash (BCH), causing quite a stir on Twitter. This fresh round of fire came from and’s anonymous creator.

Recognizable only by his Twitter handle, Cobra, the creator of the Bitcoin resource site Tweeted out to his 23K followers foretelling of BCH’s demise.

This induced a Twitter frenzy from all coners, with many coming to either agree, disagree or question The Bitcointalk founder:

When questioned on the ironic idea of leadership in a decentralized space, cobra responded that BCH “needs to be shown the way”:


 Others seemed to agree with Cobra:

And a few came to support BCH:

Cobra was also acused of flip flopping on this issue, as he had, conversely, been a vocal supporter of BCH and its controversial fork:

Although the fork was originally meant to take Bitcoin Cash in a positive new direction, a cobination of indifference, petty squabbles, and in-fighting between various developer camps ended up taking center stage; eventually, things boiled over into a full-blown war and a fight for supremacy.

Whether or not BCH is on the way out is still up for debate; however, one thing is certain, the fork and the events surrounding it brought more much more harm than good for BCH.  

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