OpenBazaar introduces privacy-focused crypto wallet, social & marketplace, Haven

20 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 20 Jan, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
OpenBazaar introduces privacy-focused crypto wallet, social & marketplace, Haven

OpenBazaar launches their all-in-one social network, crypto wallet and peer-to-peer marketplace, Haven that focuses on privacy.

Decentralized crypto peer-to-peer marketplace platform, OB1, the company behind OpenBazaar launches their very own social app, Haven.

Those who enjoy Facebook will likely to love Haven as it has a news feed similar to Facebook’s, along with the ability to respond, like or comment on posts.

The key different, though, users don’t need to worry about the security of their personal info as privacy is one of the important features Haven boasts.

But not only that, Haven developers said that users can use the app to shop, chat and send cryptocurrencies privately from their mobile device.

“Haven is OB1’s most advanced project representing our mission to bring a convenient but private social marketplace experience to users,” OB1’s founder, Brian Hoffman said as quoted by Cryptomenow.

According to the announcement, Haven is a combination of multiple crypto wallets, a social network and a peer-to-peer marketplace that focuses on privacy.

Users can set up their e-commerce stores easily on Haven using their smartphones, while utilizing its wallet support multiple cryptos, like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zcoin and Litecoin at the same time.

Closing his statement, Hoffman said, “We believe users should be in control of their own data and are inspired by how cryptocurrencies allow them to trade with one another around the world. Users can connect this way now without needing access to traditional payment processors or using giant e-commerce platforms that collect all their personal data.”

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