NVIDIA launch graphics card to cater to gamers over miners

22 May, 2018
by Jelmer van der Dussen
NVIDIA launch graphics card to cater to gamers over miners

The new GTX 1050 3GB is a low cost graphics card with enough RAM to play video games, but not enough to profitable mine cryptocurrency.

The launch occurred over the weekend, with no real fuss made over it. The card will likely cost about $125 and performance-wise should be somewhere between the 2GB GTX 1050 and the 4GB 1050 Ti, with a higher clock rate but a lower memory bandwidth of 84 GB/second compared to 112 GB/s in the other two.

With 768 CUDA cores, NVIDIA claims the card should perform 10% faster than the 1050 2GB. The card should be available for purchase in June, and due to the lack of crypto-mining application, the price may be less inflated than other models which often get snapped up by miners at a hugely marked up price before gamers have a chance to buy them.

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