Justin Sun tweets that TRON now has 142 DApps, showing a weekly growth of 20%

18 Jan, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Justin Sun tweets that TRON now has 142 DApps, showing a weekly growth of 20%

Tron’s CEO Justin Sun took to Twitter to announce that with the gradual launch of Tron Accelerator's entries, the number of DApps on Tron have increased to a total number of 142, showing a weekly growth of 20%.

Further according to Justin's tweet, Tron now has a total of 1.42 million registered accounts on its platform and a daily transaction that has reached the 300 million.

According to Tron weekly dapps report, this increase in the number of dapps is mainly due to the Tron Accelerator Program, meant to encourage developers to build dapps on the Tron network and in the process compete for a $1 million prize.

Among one of the new dapps added to the network is a game called Epic Dragons which is having an impressive impact on the network. The game is already on top of the chart daily active users, which gives it the potential to become the very first blockchain with high daily active users.

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Tron followers are more than excited, to say the least.

Just recently, Chepicap reported that the founder of Tron said that he wants Tron to become the most famous brand in the world.

'The first cryptocurrency they will think of is Tron', he said.

If the cryptocurrency universe sees that long-awaited bullrun in 2019, Tron as well will be one of the projects that will boom to unknown highs.

However Ethereum, Tron’s competitor, remains a formidable rival for Tron this year. Especially with the upcoming Constantinople upgrade, now sheduled to be activated in late February.

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