Data breach leaks millions of passwords: crypto users beware

18 Jan, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Data breach leaks millions of passwords: crypto users beware

Over the last hours, several reports have emerged on Reddit and other sources regarding a large data breach containing millions of passwords and email addresses.

According to a post on Reddit, the first delivery of the breach was titled “Collection 1” and included about 87GB worth of records, mostly emails and passwords.

An article on detailed the assortment of files offered via Telegram by Sanixer, the monicker behind the supposed author of the breach. The “Collection 1” pack is currently being offered for 45$.

Through further questioning of Sanixer, the site learned that there is also a folder named “BTC Combos” under his control, which might trigger unintended consequences for many cryptocurrency users. The remaining data totals more than 4 terabytes in size, according to Sanixer.

Email users can check if their address is affected by this breach or many previous ones by entering their details on the website

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