Movers and shakers: Top 5 whale moves this week

18 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 18 Jan, 2019
Movers and shakers: Top 5 whale moves this week

This week sees a combination of three digital assets making up the top five whale moves of the week. The total amount of all five whale movements adds up to an accumulated $708.5 million. Top of the charts for another week is BTC in first and third, with Ethereum taking second and fifth place. A surprise chart topper this week is Circle's USD Coin, taking the fourth place.  

Taking top spot this week was Bitcoin, not surprising as BTC appears to almost always hold top spot with major whale moves most often coming directly from cryptocurrency exchanges. This week saw every transaction heading to unknown wallets as opposed to going into exchange wallets. Binance features this week in top spot while Bittrex and Poloniex also feature.

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Most notable this week is the addition of a whale move of USDC. USDC appears to have been making dozens of whale moves this week. Most of the whale moves for USDC were broken up into smaller increments, but within the space of 24 hours, and excluding the #4 whale move of $73 million, USDC whale transactions accounted for $335.7 million over the past 24 hours only. 

5. 465,903 ETH (56,996,873 USD) moved from unknown wallet to unknown wallet - 15 Jan

4. 69,966,299 USDC (70,666,062 USD) moved from Poloniex to unknown wallet - 17 Jan

3. 20,000 BTC ($73,289,200.00 USD) moved from Bittrex  to unknown wallet - 11 Jan

2. 850,000 ETH ($108,791,500.00 USD) moved from Bittrex to unknown wallet to Coin - 11 Jan

1. 107,432 BTC (398,826,749 USD) moved from Binance to unknown wallet - 14 Jan

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