Flashback Friday: CZ reminisces over first Binance tweet from 18 months ago

18 Jan, 2019
Flashback Friday: CZ reminisces over first Binance tweet from 18 months ago

Binance CEO brought up a blast from the past, revealing Binance's first tweet from June 2017. The tweet shows CZ speaking at the NEO conference and launching the Binance whitepaper. 

Hard to believe Binance has only been in existence for less than two years, but is already one of the biggest, and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. 

Binance rose to prominence in late 2017, a mere six months from launching their whitepaper, following a massive demand from users to open accounts and get in on the bull market action at the time. 

Since that time, Binance has continued to innovate. Just this week the company announced their new European based crypto exchange, Binance Jersey

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CZ Shared the tweet from 23 June 2017, which was the first tweet from Binance. The tweet which is in chinese, translates to "BINANCE's cz publishes binance's white paper at the NEW Small Ant Brand Strategy Conference". The tweet also includes images of CZ at the NEO/ANT conference. 

Hard to believe how fast Binance has grown in the space of 18 months. The ability to grow at such a rapid speed can be attributed to the constant growth and abilty to keep building a better service offering for everyone. CZ believes in mass adoption and his company are proving to be one of the best in the business in terms of creating awareness and ease-of-use within the industry. Here's to many more years of success! #FundsAreSafu

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