Altcoins looking bullish as Bitcoin inches its way to $3,700

17 Jan, 2019
by Richard Allen
Price Action
Altcoins looking bullish as Bitcoin inches its way to $3,700

The market remains fairly stable today as we approach the end of the week. Bitcoin remaining fairly steady, showing slight gains of 0.61% currently trading at $3,672.14 at the time of writing.

TRON is the top 10’s winner today with some nice growth of 4,28%. TRX is now trading at $0.02. EOS is also showing some moderate improvement. Up just under 3%, one EOS token will set you back $2.52. XRP and Litecoin are both in the red just under 1%, now valued at $0.32 and $31.52, respectively.

Further down the list IOTA and Binance Coin both over 2% in the green while Cardano and Monero are just slipping into the red. Ethereum Classic is up 3.69% to $4.47 while VeChain shows off an 8% increase. Augur, however, is still holding on to those earlier gains, currently showing 16.81%  growth. Power Ledger takes the cake as it surges over 20%.

The biggest loser of the last 24 hours is Optimal Shelf Availability Token as the coin sheds just over 11% of its value. Coming in a close second is Aurora which is down 9.93%.

The total market cap remains fairly stable at $122.6 billion.

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