Breaking: Police have locked-down Cryptopia to question employees

15 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 17 Jan, 2019
by Arthur Sillers
Breaking: Police have locked-down Cryptopia to question employees

In response to the recent Cryptopia hack, which was already fairly dramatic and in which , New Zealand police have shut down the exchange's headquarters as part of their investigation.

Yesterday, Cryptopia hit some apparent downtime, after which had some apparent security problems. Subsequently the exchange claimed it had been hacked. The crypto community has coalesced around the news, with many claiming that in fact an exit

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Nate Flanders, for his part, took to Twitter to offer support and the resources he has at his disposal.

The police issued a press release late Tuesday night (in New Zealand time) which indicated that they were taking action, though gave no indication that they were considering that Cryptopia was being investigated for any fraud or not.

According to New Zealand publication Stuff, Around 100 Cryptopia employees were greeted this morning by a number of investigators who have since been questioning the staff. It is not clear if the ‘hack’ was indeed done on the part of Cryptopia or not, but with millions having effectively disappeared overnight, there is a vested interest in returning funds to investors and/or bringing malefactors to justice.

There have been no updates on any findings, nor any word directly from police. Cryptopia themselves, after reports that the police were on their premises had come out, Tweeted that they could not comment on what is an ongoing investigation.

There isn't enough information to speculate on if the police believe that Cryptopia themselves are responsible, or if they merely desire more information to track down a potential hacker, but return to Chepicap as more information is incoming.

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In light of the police taking over Cryptopia's campus, do you think this is a hack or scam?

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