Community reacts to Cryptopia hack: 'First exit scam of 2019?'

15 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 15 Jan, 2019
by Jelmer van der Dussen
Community reacts to Cryptopia hack: 'First exit scam of 2019?'

With cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia hacked, Crypto Twitter comes out in full force today. Part of the community is worried about their funds on the exchange, others think the hack could be part of an exit scam.

On Monday, Cryptopia closed down for 24 hours because of 'unscheduled maintenance'. Today, the exchange announced that it 'suffered a security breach which resulted in significant losses'. Cryptopia does not share with the community how much funds were stolen. The New Zealand Police and High Tech Crimes United are now investigating the matter, and trading is suspended for the time being.

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This is how Crypto Twitter responded to the Cryptopia hack:

More people do mot rule out the possibility of an exit scam:

With no information on the amount of coins stolen, people are worried about their funds:

Some saw it coming already:

And never forget:

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