The Winklevoss twins: Bitcoin, stablecoins, and the tokenization of everything

14 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 14 Jan, 2019
by Will Heasman
The Winklevoss twins: Bitcoin, stablecoins, and the tokenization of everything

In a recent interview with Fortune, the highly innovative, brothers and business partners, the Winklevoss twins, shared their thoughts on the future of crypto, compared BTC to gold and validated the use of stablecoins.

The interview comes n the wake of the Winklevoss’s new advertising campaign which has caused a hubbub of conversation surrounding the regulation and modulation of the cryptocurrency space.

The campaign was unveiled across new York, its main crux being  that “crypto needs rules”:

Tyler Winklevoss addressed the controversial push for regulation:

“The idea is that companies that build on top of things like Bitcoin should have regulation that’s thoughtful and that doesn’t stifle innovation … People believe in the dream of crypto, they just don’t know how to engage in it without getting burned. We’re here to say Gemini’s a place you can do that.”

On the topic of the ongoing bear market, the twins unsurprisingly championed the use of stablecoins, (Gemini Dollar, anyone?). Cameron stated that 60% of US $100 dollar bills are held overseas, something which he believed could be simplified by use of Stablecoins, stating that they act as “dollars on the blockchain”

The conversation - as it so often does - veered naturally toward Bitcoin (BTC) with Cameron stating that BTC will one day overtake gold as a store of value, adding: “The only thing gold has over bitcoin is a 3000 year head start.”

However, the focus switched from the #1 to what the twins perceive as a “new wave” of innovation, alluding to the tokenization of, well, everything:

I think the next wave will see the real innovation and the really interesting assets that become tokenized — like real estate, like buildings that are currently not traded in a really liquid fashion. So that’s exciting.”

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