Bitcoin Baby - Parents are asking for donations towards new born's tuition via BTC

14 Jan, 2019
by Colin Hawkins
Bitcoin Baby - Parents are asking for donations towards new born's tuition via BTC

Creative parents have already set up a college fund for their child whom is a week old. The parents plan to pay the tuition with entirely Bitcoin, and they are asking for your help.

A newspaper ad for Izabella Bowles, born on January 6th, included a Bitcoin address, asking for anyone to donate her future college fund via Bitcoin. The two parents, Wioletta and Peter plan for her college to paid entirely with Bitcoin.

The newspaper listing in The Times stood out compared to the other birth announcements in the same section. This was due to the peculiar title, Bitcoin Baby, and a 33 character Bitcoin address running across the bottom.

This is not the first example of a family soliciting Bitcoin for donations to their child's education, however it is not being received completely negatively by the public. The college campaign for Izabella has been fairly successful so far. So far the BTC address has about .91 BTC worth of donations from 106 different transactions.

Although it is creative, one Redditor is claiming it as a “disguised way to beg.” Other Reddit users are on board with the creativity in asking for their child's tuition, however they are not fans of the idea that the rest of the child's life is going to be tied to a Bitcoin address.

Though the average cost of a four year British University is around $52,000, Izabella is already 7% of the way there. One can not know exactly the future of where Bitcoin is headed, however if it is anything close to the predictions of Bitcoins bullish community, the .91 BTC may cover her tuition by the time she is ready for college.

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