Twitch streamer receives 20 BTC donation while playing RuneScape

12 Jan, 2019
Twitch streamer receives 20 BTC donation while playing RuneScape

Streaming your gaming experience has become one of the most popular things to do over the past few years. Gamers will live stream themselves playing a game while interacting with their viewers. 

Some of the most popular streamers have emerged over the past year from the popular battle royale game Fortnite. Online streamer, Ninja broke the record for the most viewed stream which topped 628,000 concurrent viewers. The now celebrity online gamer was helped thanks to several celebrities appearing on the stream including pop superstart Drake. 

One streamer was casually enjoying a game of RuneScape with his 2,000 viewers when the donation alert screen popped up with a 4 BTC donation. The streamer was absolutely shocked with the roughly $14,400 donation. Much to his dismay, an additional 16 BTC were donated to him by the same annonymous benefactor, totalling 20 BTC, roughly $72,000. 

The streamer known as Sick_Nerd took to Twitter to thank his viewers and the BTC donator for their contributions

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