Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin move into crypto to evade censorship

11 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 11 Jan, 2019
by David Robb
Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin move into crypto to evade censorship

Popular political commentator Dave Rubin has announced that he may be moving towards the crypto space. In a tweet, he mentiioned that he was working on a new alternative to funding platform Patreon, along with controversial psychologist and Youtube celebrity Jordan B. Peterson.

Recent weeks have seen an increasing interest in crypto as a means to evade censorship, but with some significant pushback from established gatekeepers. Controversial social media platform Gab mentioned Bitcoin and the Square Cash app as a way to promote free speech, before being banned by Square. This was a few days after Coinbase also banned the platform for the second time.

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Evidently troubled by this apparent threat to free speech, Dave Rubin has announced that he and Peterson are working on an alternative funding platform that will be resistant to censorship and political bias. 

In a tweet, he linked to an article about the growth of financial blacklisting as a way to no-platform controversial thinkers, and mentioned that "crypto and decentralization" would play a key role in his new venture. It's unclear whether this will involve the development of a new crypto network or token, or just the usage of established decentralized payment methods.

Observers on Twitter were mostly supportive of this move, but many urged him to focus on Bitcoin as opposed to crypto as a whole. Some were also sceptical about the potential for yet another new crypto token, regardless of its purpose.

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