On-chain BTC scaling, CashDB releases alpha version, claim to be faster than Visa

11 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 11 Jan, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
On-chain BTC scaling, CashDB releases alpha version, claim to be faster than Visa

An open source project aiming to support Bitcoin’s on-chain scaling, CashDB just released its alpha version. 

The creator, Lokad’s founder, Joannes Vermorel said in the announcement that CashDB is a blockchain-centric key-value store specifically tailored for the set of unspent transaction output or the UTXO set of Bitcoin.

CashDB is said to be able to process of almost 20,000 transactions per second using a single Intel Optane 900P card, which means that a 1GB BTC block can be processed in around 3 minutes and half.

Thus, Vermorel believes that CashDB is already “scalable enough” to process gigabyte blocks at peak network capacity. That said, since its throughput is too low, it is not yet capable to support sustained gigabyte blocks.

Vermorel is still convinced, though, that CashDB is enough “for now”, considering Visa’s average volume is still at around 2,000 transactions per second.

Closing the announcement, he said CashDB is “a small step toward decoupling the software parts that make Bitcoin” as it is actually intended as a support component for full BTC implementations, such as Bitcoin ABC or ElectrumX.

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It's the same idea with Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin bock size was meant to scale from day one of its design. Core and blockstream tried to turn it into digital gold by limit block size to 1MB and cut out other functionalities of Bitcoin which is suicidal because miners will not sustain on coin reward along that is diminishing as it halves every few years. Coin reward was meant to be a way for distributing the coins and serve as early incentives for miners. But, for the system to sustain long term, Bitcoin block size needs to scale so that each block can hold million transactions that will then pay the miners a sustainable and reliable revenue through use of the network globally.

NChain had numerous patents and CashDB is really scaling bitcoin block to gigabytes, terabytes an beyond. With our technology today, there is not a limit. We are and we can move terabytes in matter of seconds. Cash DB should pay attention to Bitcoin SV. The original design of Bitcoin isn't hard to understand.
11 Jan, 2019 - 21:29

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