Circle on Reddit AMA: Bitcoin to become larger, but another crypto could take over

10 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 10 Jan, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Circle on Reddit AMA: Bitcoin to become larger, but another crypto could take over

The peer-to-peer payments fintech company Circle acquired Poloniex in 2018 among other milestones such as seeing a volume of $24 billion traded over all their platforms, and in celebration they have decided to show up on Reddit for an AMA session.

Sean Neville, Jeremy Allaire and other members of the Circle team were responding to questions about their company, judging from the following picture they shared on Reddit:

For those interested in knowing more about Bitcoin price predictions, Jeremy Allaire, co-founder, had quite a bright forecast:


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Regarding privacy centered coins such as Monero, Circle reps did not showed fear of regulatory actions over their activities with them. However, they did acknowledge the need for further education of users so that they understand which are the adequate cases for the use of this type of cryptocurrencies.


Despite warning that "in 10-20 years, the mix and market cap of assets will surprise us all", Allaire does not seem confident that Bitcoin will mantain its first position for that long:


Co-founder Jeremy Allaire shared some of his predictions and current views of the state and development of USDC, which could also be extended on some points to most stablecoins:


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