Over 51% of Dash's hashrate is controlled by one entity according to Reddit user

10 Jan, 2019
Over 51% of Dash's hashrate is controlled by one entity according to Reddit user

Following the recent 51% attack on Ethereum Classic (ETC) this past week, it appears users have been doing some research into what happened and how this happened.  One such user from Reddit, @Flenst has put out his research claiming that Dash could be next. 

In the Reddit users recent thread titled "Someone controls >51% of DASHs hashrate currently" Flenst admits that from his research, Dash looks primed to be the next target for a 51% attack. 

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Flenst explains that whilst researching the 51% attack on ETC, they stumbled upon the Dash research. The user started by looking at Nicehash, and noticed that 70% DASHs total hashrate came from there. Further digging concluded that majority of the hashrate was not being directed to trusted mining pools, with only 31% being directed to trusted mining pools.  

The Reddit user did further digging into the Dash explorer and recognized that three addresses are connected, "This particular transaction has three of the four top addresses as inputs meaning one entity controls all three. These three alone gather 53% and more." Flenst posted. 

Flenst says this all started in September 2018 and believes the fourth unknown pool also belongs to this entity but is separated on the blockchain as it also started to gather a lot of hash around the same time. 

The Reddit user believes that a 51% attack on Dash could be next following the ETC attack. 

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