Travis Scher from DCG: 2019 will lead to more growth

09 Jan, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Travis Scher from DCG: 2019 will lead to more growth

Travis Scher, VP at Digital Currency Group, shared some bullish predictions for the freshly started year on a Medium post. Consolidation of already solid firms and more regulatory protagonism are two of the expected outcomes of 2019.

As per a blog post on Medium, Travis Scher can now be counted among those with positive expectations for 2019. However, Scher does not expects that the growth of crypto will come from the same sources it did back in 2017, namely small investors.

His first prediction for 2019 is greater regulatory engagement with the industry. The VP of Digital Currency Group is specially expectant regarding the redefinition of utility tokens into commodities by the SEC and the U.S. Congress. On the negative side of regulation, Scher cites India, China, Chile and Singapore. On the positive, Japan and Mexico, thanks to their new regulation regarding exchanges.

Regarding market diversity, Travis Scher forecasts the dissapereance of smaller crypto projects, while he expects incoming growth from the larger ones. Corporations are expected to take over their spot in the crypto space, with Goldman Sachs, Fidelity and ICE conforming the first big fishes to jump on the pond, while Square and Robinhood are following up.

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