RigoBlock launches API to invite developers to build on existing protocol

09 Jan, 2019
by Colin Hawkins
RigoBlock launches API to invite developers to build on existing protocol

The decentralized asset management platform, RigoBlock has announced that it is launching a new API, to allow developers to build on top of its already functioning protocol. This was launched to incentivise developers to create on the ETH based blockchain.

The newly developed API is going to give developers interested, their own tools to create asset management platforms, without having to developing from scratch. The RigoBlock founder explained exactly what the release was trying to accomplish, in his announcement:

"Having developers create their own platforms on top of our protocol has been a major goal of ours since the RigoBlock project began. We feel that having an open source, free and completely decentralized network is more of an incentive to create their own asset management platforms based on their exact specifications. I am excited to see how and what developers are able to build in the near future."

One company eager to integrate RigoBlock into their platform is Ethfinex, a subsidiary of the Bitfinex group. RigoBlock is to announce more API partners in the near future. They plan on interest being high, due to the capability of integrating with multiple different applications and different parties.

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