announces in Medium blog it has laid off 37 employees

08 Jan, 2019
by David Borman
News announces in Medium blog it has laid off 37 employees

Today in a blog post as well as on twitter, Erik Voorhees announced that his company,, had to let go of 37 employees, citing among other things the toll that 2018's bear market had on the company.

In the Medium post, Voorhees lays out four major areas that affected the company during the struggling market of 2018. First he says there were structural issues. Namely, the company grew faster than they could manage:

"By the time we learned how to manage a 10-person team, we were 30. By the time we learned how to manage 30, we were 80. Then 100. Then 125."

Next, due to their quickly gorwing size, the company began to experience legal issues. Any company dealing with crypto is plausibly going to fall under the watchful eye of financial regulation. Even if crypto isn't yet regulated, any profits in fiat certainly would be.

Third came customer issues. This is primarily connected to the fact that many users looked elsewhere after ShapeShift began implementing a membership program, complete with strict Know-Your-Customer (KYC) compliance. As the site had previously been completely anonymous, this turned off quite a few.

Lastly and most obvious, the financial issues that come with a year long bear market. Like most people in crypto, they lost money all year long.

Twitter of course came out of the woodwork to respond to this announcement. Some were compassionate about it, some optimistic, with still others chiding them for mistakes:

This looks to be another unfortunate casualty of a long bear market. With any luck the coming year will be more favorable and many companies, including ShapeShift, will see a brighter future as the months go on.

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