Litecoin's Charlie Lee commenting on decentralization concept post ETC 51% attack

08 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 08 Jan, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
Litecoin's Charlie Lee commenting on decentralization concept post ETC 51% attack

The 51% attack on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) has made people on Twitter "discussing" about the decentralization concept. 

The recent 51% attack that happened to the Ethereum Classic (ETC) network just hours ago has sparked a debate on the Twitter-verse, particularly about the decentralization concept.

A user with the name CryptoTesla made a statement that if a network can’t be 51% attacked, it is not decentralized.

His statement was triggered by the comments of other users on Coinbase’s announcement about the attack.

One of them, which appeared to be a die-hard XRP supporter said, “Phew!  Glad I'm all in XRP.  Did I mention XRP is immune to double-spend attacks?”, which then responded by a user named Kramer that said, “All centralized databases are immune. The point is being decentralized. Yes shitcoins can be 51% attacked.”

This “conversation” was behind CryptoTesla’s aforementioned statement that managed to grab Litecoin’s founder, Charlie Lee’s attention, among his many comments on the recent 51% attack incident.

Lee said that CryptoTesla’s statement is thought-provoking.

He added that a decentralized cryptocurrency must be susceptible to 51% attack.  However, instead of agreeing with CryptoTesla’s statement, he went on saying, “If a crypto can't be 51% attacked, it is permissioned and centralized.”

His comments received various comments, with most of them disapproving his opinion, although there are some that agree, such as user Giratina that considers it make sense.

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