South Africa kidnapping: 5 BTC demanded for safe return of nine-year-old

07 Jan, 2019
by Colin Hawkins
South Africa kidnapping: 5 BTC demanded for safe return of nine-year-old

Kidnappers in South Africa are demanding 5 BTC in ransom ($20,100) for the safe return of a missing nine year old girl.

The demand for the BTC was sent to the anti-crime website and social media group, Western Cape Gangwatch, anonymously. The admin states that he received an email from the kidnappers stating that if they do not send the BTC ransom within 48 hours, to their specific BTC address, communication would cease.

Gangwatch is known to regularly work with law enforcement agencies in South Africa. They have already attempted to track down the kidnappers through tracing where the email was sent but they came up unsuccessful in their searches. IOL, a local news outlet, spoke with a Gangwatch team member. Through their correspondence they stated they were trying to track the kidnappers via their Bitcoin address:

“We are trying to track it via the Bitcoin code, but believe the email the person is using was probably created at an internet cafe, which automatically deletes it and there is no IP address available either.”

The Bitcoin address where the ransom was demanded, has only received 0.0168 BTC as of December 31, however that amount was moved out of the account shortly after being received. The account that the funds were moved into was a BTC address that has received over 120 BTC. All of this Bitcoin has been moved out of the account and the account has been reported as fraudulent on two separate occasions. After leaving this BTC account the funds reportedly look like they were moved to a crypto exchange.

IOL, in speaking with the Gangwatch spokesperson, they stated their concern and hopes that the kidnappers would “hopefully realize the family’s circumstances and realize they cannot keep the girl for a lengthy period.”

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