Weiss Ratings releases 7 crypto predictions for 2019 and beyond

05 Jan, 2019
by David Borman
Weiss Ratings releases 7 crypto predictions for 2019 and beyond

Weiss Rating's has released a list of predictions for not only next year but the years to come. The predictions are all highly bullish, and claim to be based on the company's cycles model and ratings model.

The article starts off by pointing out that while 2018 was horrendous for the crypto markets, it actually has been filled with positive news when it comes to fundamentals. Cited are a few important developments like the lightning network, the EOS mainnet, Hashgraph and Holochain.

After this, they laid out their 7 predictions for the coming years:

#1 Bitcoin will be increasingly used as a store of value.

#2 The price of Bitcoin will rise again and head for new all-time highs. 

#3 Select altcoins will rise from relative obscurity to as much as 20 times their previous all-time highs.

#4 A select group of cryptos will compete to build a new kind of internet.

#5 Another select group of cryptocurrencies will disrupt the world of banking.

#6 Bitcoin me-too coins will fade away. 

#7 New coins will rocket to the top 10.

Many of these predictions follow logically with the beliefs of every supporter of Bitcoin out there today, though of note are the last two, which specifically predict the decline of Bitcoin imitators and the rise of all new coins into the top 10. As mentioned, Weiss Rating's feels that Holochain and Hedera Hashgraph stand to be among those rocketing up the charts.

As for the "me too" coins, the article calls out Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV and Litecoin as having no independent use case and generally smaller adoption. However there is a pretty thriving community out there for some of these coins that would no doubt disagree.

Ultimately we will just have to wait and see what happens in the coming months/years, but with any luck at least #'s 1-5 will come to pass!

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