Ctrl+c, ctrl+v: Bitcoin SV gets a 'new' logo, imitating Bitcoin

05 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 05 Jan, 2019
by Will Heasman
Ctrl+c, ctrl+v: Bitcoin SV gets a 'new' logo, imitating Bitcoin

One of the spawns of the Bitcoin Cash hash war - so-called Bitcoin SV - has ‘redesigned’ itself with a brand new logo… kind of.

SV released the revamped logo on the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin’s (BTC) genesis block, this date - according to the official SV website -  was chosen to mark “Bitcoin SV as rebirth of the original Bitcoin”.

The logo was apparently chosen by the community via a Twitter poll:


The SV website points out the various 'differences' in two designs:

• The B symbol is cleaner and stands upright rather than tilted forward or backward.  

• “Bitcoin SV” characters also stand upright.

• “Bitcoin” begins with a capital B, rather than lower case.  

• “SV” appears in superscript – reflecting Satoshi Vision as the way forward, while keeping emphasis on the name Bitcoin.  

• The design color uses “dragon gold”, honouring the dragon logo of the Bitcoin SV full node implementation which birthed BSV.

Some, however, note that it looks eerily similar to that of BTC: 


This isn’t the first time an offshoot of BTC  has tried to parade as the “original” in fact Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - before it was split in two - did exactly the same with its logo. 

Furthermore, legal action was taken against BCH proponent, Roger Ver for so-called “fraud marketing”. As reported by Bitcoinist back in April last year, a group aimed to bring a lawsuit against Ver, claiming that the Bitcoin.com wallet misled Bitcoin holders into thinking it was a client for BTC rather than BCH. When sending funds to the wallet may users lost their BTC because it was, in fact, a BCH client. The Lawsuit soon fell apart due to a lack of funding.

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