Bitcoin Cash SV unveils 'new' official logo...

04 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 04 Jan, 2019
by David Robb
Bitcoin Cash SV unveils 'new' official logo...

A new logo has been revealed for the BCH fork Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV), by the BSV-affiliated bComm Association. The updated logo was the result of much planning and a number of votes by Twitter users.

The most striking thing about this 'new' logo is how similar it is to the original Bitcoin (BTC) logo. It was also unveiled on the 10th anniversary of the mining of Bitcoin's genesis block.

This strategy is apparently a deliberate move on the part of BSV supporters. Modelling the logo after that of BTC signals their belief that Bitcoin Cash SV is the network and token that most closely represents the motivation and ideology behind the original crypto, sticking to the vision ('Satoshi's Vision') that gives the coin its name.

According to a statement from bComm, the updated logo "conveys that Bitcoin is ready to grow up" in a number of ways: "The B symbol is cleaner and stands upright rather than tilted forward or backward..."Bitcoin SV" characters also stand upright..."Bitcoin" begins with a capital B, rather than lower case...."SV" appears in superscript – reflecting Satoshi Vision as the way forward, while keeping emphasis on the name Bitcoin...The design color uses "dragon gold", honouring the dragon logo of the Bitcoin SV full node implementation which birthed BSV.

Not everyone on Twitter was convinced that enough effort had gone into this rebrand, or that the team behind the crypto was entitled to suggest that it was the true Bitcoin as Satoshi had intended.

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