Scam alert: all faces of the Ethereum Nowa team come from stock photos

04 Jan, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Scam alert: all faces of the Ethereum Nowa team come from stock photos

In the light of the upcoming Ethereum hardfork, several new projects are appearing with the aim on capitalizing of the upcoming investment opportunities. Regardless, not all of them diserve credit.

In a Bitcointalk forum post, a user shared the results of his investigation with clear matches between popular stock faces and the pictures available on the team´s website. Unsurprisingly, Ethereum Nowa has deleted the fake team section from their website. However, it remains accessible via

But fake team faces are not the only red flag about this project. The “How to get ETN?” section outlines pretty much the steps for becoming the victim of phishing attempt that would see the unaware investor losing his ETH for good:

1) Create a compatible wallet and backup it, if you already had one, go to step 2 MEW, Meta Mask, Ethereum Wallet, Mist, JAXX, that you can export the Private key, Keystore or Mnemonic Phrase

2) Transfer ETH from exchanges to the compatible wallet. 

3) Send ETH to our official ETH address:(deleted because its a scam) we will get your sending address from 

4) Export the Private Key from your wallet that you have created at step 1, import it into our official wallet to get your ETN. 

The project seems to be specially ambitious: not happy with gaining ETH from naïve investors, the goal of the scammers seems to reach further as they also want private keys. It should not be necessary to say that any private key requests should be disregarded by a crypto user, unless he or she want to see their funds being spent or transferred right away.

It would appear as if several users have already fallen into the trap, as the account linked to this scam project has received 7 transactions over the last month, amounting to 5.43 Ether or $837 at writing time.

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