Coinbase might be considering a new subscription model for crypto investors

03 Jan, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Coinbase might be considering a new subscription model for crypto investors

Leading crypto exchange Coinbase might be implementing a new subscription model for cryptocurrency investors to save fees and add perks for their customers.

According to Bitcoinexchangeguide, a new user survey conducted by the digital asset exchange, has been circulating on the internet suggesting that Coinbase could be exploring new fee models.

Surveys are intended to understand what the most loyal cutomers want and how they wish to improve the services, which is why Coinbase has been asking its customers a variety of questions regarding a new fee scheme that could include a new subscription model.

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms see their returns through different fee schemes applied to users when they trade cryptocurrencies on their platforms. One of those fee schemes include withdrawal fees for each of the assets. A new way could be through a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Coinbase did not provide information about the possible price of a subscription fee scheme or how it would affect current fees. There is neither any information in regards to how long the subscription model would last.

Even though Coinbase ranked as the exchange with the highest number of daily active users, they did not rank well in terms of trading volume. Each of their active users contributed only $189 in transaction volume compared to Binance that registered a trading volume of $2,137 per month for each active user.

Perhaps this is the reason why Coinbase is considering a new subscritpion model for their cryptocurrency investors.

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