2019 might be the comeback year for Ethereum as it breaks through $150!

02 Jan, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Price Action
2019 might be the comeback year for Ethereum as it breaks through $150!

After one and a half month of being coined as the third most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum has taken back its number two position, with gains of more than 12%. 2019 might just be the year where Ethereum surprises friends and foes.

Ethereum couldn't have wished for a better start of 2019.

A significant bull run in the past few days has helped Ethereum to take over XRP again with a margin of almost $600,000, while as well breaking the very critical $150 level again, and this for the first time since Christmas Eve.

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Ethereum has been fighting back with vigor, as it has recovered $67, an incredible 80% gain over the last two weeks.

Over the past 24 hours Ethereum has shown a 12% gain, now trading at $151, with a total market cap of $15.7 billion.

Ethereum has had a rough 2018, but if it is able to find support at this level, 2019 could turn out to be 'the year' many investors have been waiting for.

As Chris McClure, chief marketing officer of cryptocurrency at data provider Svandis, said:

'Whether it's Sharding, Plasma, or OpenST Mosaic, there are tremendous technological reasons to be bullish on Ethereum and to believe in a speculatively high price moving in 2019.'

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Even though, Ethereum has still ways to go to hit its all-time-highs, it is clear that the bullish sentiment for Ethereum is kicking in high gear as it regained its position as biggest altcoin.

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