McAfee reacts to HitBTC freezing customer accounts

02 Jan, 2019
McAfee reacts to HitBTC freezing customer accounts

John McAfee has come out and criticized cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC following news that customers accounts are being frozen for no reason.

McAfee tweeted about the exchange following widespread news that HitBTC was not allowing withdrawals and was in fact, freezing customers accounts without probable cause.

In McAfee's tweet he explains that he warned people that HitBTC was illegitimate, saying "You had six months warning from me to withdraw your funds. Do not ask me to help you now."

The issues with HitBTC appear to coincide with the proof of keys event that will take place January 3. The idea behind the proof of keys event, is to withdraw crypto funds from exchanges in an attempt to identify crypto exchanges and third parties that do not have adequate liquidity, essentially exposing exchanges that do not hold the amount of crypto they should be holding. The annual event calls for all crypto hodlers to remove their funds from exchanges, and this could be a major issue for HitBTC who have opted to delay and suspend withdrawals from their exchange.

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Only time will tell if HitBTC is up to shady tactics or if the holiday season has simply left the exchange to run on skeleton staff, and therefore causing major delays in operations. 

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