Actively developed cryptos don't always result in a better market cap

02 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 02 Jan, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
Actively developed cryptos don't always result in a better market cap

Many might wonder if an active development will make a crypto gets a better result, as in a higher market cap. Well, the data from a development activity tracker website, shows it doesn't really have a positive correlation.

According to CoinCodeCap, the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization are not necessarily the most active in terms of development.

The website that tracks the development activities of various cryptocurrencies created a list of the top 10 of most actively developed coins, as shown below:

1.  Cardano (ADA)

2.  Augur (REP)

3.  0x (ZRX)

4.  Ethereum (ETH)

5.  Lisk (LSK)

6.  Status (SNT)

7.  TRON (TRX)

8.  Komodo (KMD)

9.  Skycoin (SKY)

10.Waves (WAVES)

From the above list, only 2 are listed in the top 10 cryptos by market cap, which are ETH and TRX, as reported by CCN.

While, Cardano that has more than 45,000 commits is “only” positioned at number 11 on the top crypto by coin market cap list, with $1,093,906,780 and 24-hour trading volume of $14,415,267.

The top 10 crypto list by market cap with its development activity ranking can be seen from below list:

1.  Bitcoin (52)

2.  Ethereum (4)

3.  Ripple (113)

4.  Bitcoin Cash (143)

5.  EOS (15)

6.  Stellar (54)

7.  Litecoin (195)

8.  Tether (not ranked)

9.  Bitcoin SV (not ranked)

10.Tron (7)

11.Cardano (1)

The largest cap crypto, Bitcoin is positioned at number 52 on the most actively developed list. Out of all the top 10 crypto by market cap, Ethereum and TRON are the ones that show an equal return of their development efforts.

Tether are not ranked since it’s only a smart contract that issues and destroys tokens based on investments, while Bitcoin SV has too few data to be able to generate its ranking.

To put as a remark BSV’s repository only showed 2 commits thus far, since it forked away from Bitcoin Cash on November 15th.

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