Abkhazia power company cuts 15 mining firms off of its grid to save energy

02 Jan, 2019
by David Borman
Abkhazia power company cuts 15 mining firms off of its grid to save energy

Coindoo is reporting that The Republic of Abkhazia, a partially recognized nation branching from Georgia, has been having issues providing enough power to all of its citizens, so in a bid to free up some energy they have annnounced they will be cutting 15 mining firms in the country off from the public grid.

The Abkhazia state-owned power company, Chernomorenergo, announced on Facebook that in order to provide more energy to average citizens it would at least for now be cutting off the miners. It also revealed that these 15 mining companies use 8,950 kWt collectively, as much energy as 1,800 regular homes, clearly a not insignificant number.

Previously, Chernomorenergo’s general director Aslan Basaria has commented on crypto mining and how he feels it is a strain on the electric grid:

"For the Abkhaz energy system, mining and crypto-currencies are a big problem… Two [are] on the territory of Sukhumi Physicotechnical Institute (SFTI) in Aguder and Sinope… In the SFTI… uncontrolled consumption of electricity is obtained. Yes, they pay for electricity, so what? But at the same time, there is a load on our networks, the load on our backbone lines, our substations and transformers. This is a load and a blow to an ordinary person, who in winter wants to get light and warmth."

While the decision is only temporary, it may help send the message that more efficient forms of mining are needed. Stick with Chepicap for all updates!

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