'Next Bitcoin rally starts TOMORROW! The time to buy is now!' says John Sarson

01 Jan, 2019
by Joeri Cant
'Next Bitcoin rally starts TOMORROW! The time to buy is now!' says John Sarson

John Sarson, a managing partner at the cryptocurrency investment firm Sarson Funds, says that from tomorrow, January 2nd, a wave of Wall Street money will prime the next cryptocurrency revival.

Sarson seems to be convinced that from tomorrow banks will re-open and hedge funds holding on to new deposits will be clear to wire deposits to cryptocurrency exchanges.

'We expect this influx of orders to be more than enough buying power to cause a massive surge in price, one that we expect to intensify throughout the week as managers scramble into Bitcoin looking for “crypto-beta” as Bitcoin starts moving', Sarson said.

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Sarson further points out that as hedge fund managers they posses unique insight into emerging client sentiment and into the upcoming capital flows.

'As a manager of cryptocurrencies with multiple digital asset offerings, we consider orderbook information a key component of our strategies. Firsthand observations of these cryptocurrency orders over time supports our conclusion that Bitcoin's December 2018 price of $3150 is the ultimate low.'

Sarson concluded his announcement by recommending to investors who can, to take 'cryptocurrency positions before this flurry of purchases leaves the slow-moving with higher prices to pay.'

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It will be a very exciting day tomorrow for many cryptocurrency investors if Sarson turns out to be correct in his prediction.

However, it could be just another crystal ball prediction.

So what do you think? Will tomorrow be a wonderful crypto day? let us know in the poll below.

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