Iran officials warn citizens against making use of Telegram and its token

01 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 01 Jan, 2019
Iran officials warn citizens against making use of Telegram and its token

Iran have reportedly announced that Telegram is a threat to national security and citizens should avoid supporting the launch of the Telegram token, the Gram. has reports that Iran officials have come out against the popular instant messaging application Telegram and its native token, the Gram.

Iran have also announced that any cooperation with Telegram on the issuing of their digital token would represent “an action against the national security”.

Javad Javidnia, the secretary of the country's Criminal Content Definition Task Force announced this week that Iran will deal with anyone who supports the project as a "disruption to the national economy".

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Telegram will be looking to implement it's own crypto wallet which will give Telegram users the ability to make digital payments on the application using the Telegram token called the Gram. Telegram is looking to have the world's most adopted cryptocurrency. The ICO which ran earlier this year, raised $1.7 billion towards the Telegram Open Network (TON).

China and Russia have both taken steps to ban or attempt to ban the messenger. Iran currently has over 50 million users of the messaging app, However in April 2018, Iran took steps to also ban the app due to national security. 

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