Roubini brags being listed as 2018 top crypto influencers makes Binance CEO swear

01 Jan, 2019 | Updated: 01 Jan, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
Roubini brags being listed as 2018 top crypto influencers makes Binance CEO swear

Nouriel Roubini is elected as one of the 2018 top 10 influencers in crypto by Coindesk, which triggers reactions from many crypto enthusiasts, including Changpeng Zhao of Binance. 

Following the announcement from Coindesk on their 2018 top 10 list of crypto influencers, Nouriel Roubini aka Dr. Doom made a tweet crediting the media for including him on the list.

He expressed how he felt honored for being on the list and recognized as a “leading critic of crypto and blockchain”

For the record, the crypto opponent, who’s known for his “damning speech” in a US Senate committee hearing on banking is ranked on the third position of the top 10 influencers list, just right below Lightning Labs’ Elizabeth Stark and Binance’s Changpeng Zhao.

His tweet successfully triggers reactions from crypto enthusiasts on the Twitter-verse, with most of them are sarcastic comments, although there are those that question the reliability of the list.

“You sound too excited for being voted in the area that you love to hate. WOW !!! @coindesk wasted 1 slot imo by including Nouriel than someone who could positively shape the industry,” a user with the name Nattain said.

Another user that goes with the handle @CogentConch said, “Participation Trophy  No real contributions, but you showed up. Pat on the back.”

But, the most noteworthy comment would be the one coming from the person who holds the first position, Changpeng Zhao aka CZ.

He wittingly swore over Roubini’s comment, followed by another tweet that “explains” his previous reaction.

“I didn't think I would swear so early in the year, but oh well, there is a first time for everything,” he said.

As of writing time, there hasn’t been any responses from Dr. Doom on CZ’s comment, although it won’t be a surprise if he finally decides to respond abruptly.

Besides his damning speech, Roubini is also known for having “feuds” on Twitter with many renowned figures in crypto, such as Vitalik Buterin and the latest one, Anthony Pompliano.

Moreover, scrolling over Roubini’s timeline in the last couple of hours, he’s seen to have retweeted Coindesk multiple times, particularly those related to his being elected as one of the most influential figures in crypto.

Given the fact that he’s been spending lots of his energy and time discrediting cryptocurrency and many of its players, somehow it feels pretty odd. Just saying.

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