Justin Sun, high off Tron's successes, doubles down on Consensys jests

30 Dec, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
Justin Sun, high off Tron's successes, doubles down on Consensys jests

Justin Sun, who heads up BitTorrent as well as crypto endeavor Tron, has doubled down on previous calls for Consensys (and other developers) to join the 'Tron family.' Sun might be getting a little bit cocky, but not without reason, as Tron has scored a number of impressive milestones recently.

About a week ago, with rumors of Consensys' insolvency floating around, Sun joked that Consensys developers should give him resumes in consideration of their next employment. A few days ago, in response to news that Consensys was involving Ethereum dev's in the project.

Perhaps Sun was a little scorned that Consensys didn't take seriously his request to contact him, but its also possible that he's feeling invincible, hot off the heels of recent good news for Tron. Tron last week gained one million individual user addresses, which is certainly an impressive milestone. Also apparently Tron's platform is gaining Dapps at a rabid clip, with Sun tweeting a prediction that Tron will surpass EOS 'at the end of January'

Braggadocio is par for the course for tech developers, especially in crypto. Is Justin Sun all bluster or is Tron entering 2019 as a real contender?
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