Kraken rips into Ripple; XRP army respond

30 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 30 Dec, 2018
by Will Heasman
Kraken rips into Ripple; XRP army respond

Kraken recently ruffled the feathers of a myriad of XRP supporters by disregarding the apparent distinction between XRP and Ripple…

The ruffling started after Kraken enabled margin trading for XRP, a seemingly positive move, and the kind of news you would expect a group calling themselves “XRP Army”, would take kindly to:

However, it wasn’t the announcement of margin trading that stirred up XRP aficionados but rather simple semantics.

It seems the largest exchange in the world, didn’t make the proper distinction between Ripple, the protocol, and XRP, the cryptocurrency; a mistake most would be forgiven for making. Not the Kraken. 

This led to an en masse mockery of the exchange:

Rather than backing down and changing the ticker from Ripple (XRP) to simply XRP the Kraken decided to call out the XRP Army…

This explanation wasn’t enough for some who insisted they change the listing:

Kraken still didn’t give in, and instead decided to have their turn at a bit of teasing:

Areolas aside this brought back the age-old argument of whether or not XRP is really decentralized. Ripple (the company), stands by their assertion that XRP is completely separated from the firm despite their sizable holdings in XRP and controversy surrounding its creation.

“The XRP Ledger cannot be owned by any single entity—it exists independent of any one person or business, including Ripple.” States Ripple’s official website.

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