Vitalik calls Bitcoin Cash SV "a pure dumpster fire"

27 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 27 Dec, 2018
by David Robb
Vitalik calls Bitcoin Cash SV a pure dumpster fire

In a recent discussion on Twitter, Vitalik Buterin gave his thoughts on Bitcoin's underlying technology. He claimed that BTC was "cool tech", but Bitcoin Cash SV is "a pure dumpster fire".

The Ethereum co-founder was responding to a comment from Adamant Capital founder and fellow crypto expert/influencer Tuur Demeester. While not attacking Vitalik or his network directly, he made some disparaging comments about an ideology he had identified in the crypto community -"Ethereum-ism".

Vitalik claimed that similar criticisms could be formulated about BTC maximalists and other supporters, pointing out how overly optimistic and utopian they can also be. He suggested that they were often complacent in terms of scalability issues, and implementation of different stages of the Lightning Network.

When an observer pointed to Craig Wright's Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV) project and its 65 MB blocks as a superior scaling solution, Vitalik took the opportunity to remind people whose side he was on. He insisted that he was still a supporter of Bitcoin (BTC), despite some disagreements, whereas he had no time at all for Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV) or what it was trying to do.

This is not the first time that Vitalik has taken shots at Craig Wright and his contributions to the crypto space. He has directly called out the controversial figure as a "fraud" at public events, and has encourage others to "ostracize and reject" him.

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