Binance exchanges’ end-of-year letter

26 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 26 Dec, 2018
by Manon Bridou-Koenig
Binance exchanges’ end-of-year letter

Binance exchange wants to enter the New year with the same zeal and zest like 2018 and CZ has shared his outlook for 2019.

The letter starts by :

“2018 has been a hell of a year, definitely not the easiest of years, but looking back, real progress has been made”

While keeping customers funds safe, 2018s Binance achivements included :

  • fiat-to-crypto exchanges in Uganda and Jersey,
  • Security Token Exchange licenses in multiple locations,
  • building of Binance Chain, with a native on-chain DEX,
  • launch of multiple programs and verticals such as Binance Labs (incubator), Binance Academy (education portal), Binance Research (research reports and platform),Binance Philanthropy (charity), Merger of Trust Wallet,
  • constant evolvements of security layers.

2018 have been a volatile year, with runs and collapses, full of security challenges and crackdowns by regulators.

2019 may be a m00n year

CZ also gives goals which the exchange would focus on in 2019.

These include :

  • To add more functions to,
  • To launch the Mainnet of Binance Chain, featuring high-performance DEX to realize instant transaction with one-second confirmation,
  • To set up ten fiat-to-crypto exchanges across the world,
  • To build more partnership with players swimming in this sphere and investing or buy more blockchain projects of more interest,
  • To establish blockchain charity institutions marked by characteristics of authentic transparency.

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