Feed 7 types of animals with crypto at the Bitcoin Cash Zoo Twitch channel

26 Dec, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
Feed 7 types of animals with crypto at the Bitcoin Cash Zoo Twitch channel

Stephen Lambert, a crypto developer, is getting some recognition for his adorable Bitcoin Cash Zoo https://zoo.bch.sx/, with which you can now feed 7 different types of animals using BCH.

 The ‘zoo’ exists as a number of Twitch live stream channel with a HandCash-enabled mealworm feeder, which dispenses mealworms to any of 7 types of animals if $0.50 worth of BCH is sent to a certain address.

The zoo, which started out with chickens, has expanded to include ducks, horses, baby goats- all under the care of Stephen Lambert. HandCash ties handles to particular crypto addresses, meaning that Lambert can assign ‘$CHICKEN’ to the chickens’ mealworm feeder, for example.

Lambert seems to be expanding this enjoyable hands-on application that the Bitcoin Cash Zoo demonstrates, having recently connected a set of lights on a Christmas tree to a similar donation-based reactive system.

Feeding animals with crypto might not be the anarcho-capitalist revolution that Satoshi envisioned when he invented Bitcoin, but Lambert’s creations actually do exactly what they are intended, and are instantly gratifying, which cannot be said of crypto at the end of 2018. Furthermore, getting microtransactions to work quickly and seamlessly is probably one of the most important challenges facing crypto developers, and Lambert has done just that in this case.

Actually, if you happen to be feeling down about the state of your crypto investments, maybe feeding some ducks might be just what you need.

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