Henri Arslanian on why 2019 is an exciting year for crypto

25 Dec, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
Henri Arslanian on why 2019 is an exciting year for crypto

Henri Arslanian, a Fintech advisor and crypto developer with Price Waterhouse Coopers indicated his optimism to Bloomberg, stating that despite some recent challenges for crypto, he expects ‘exciting things’ for the crypto ecosystem in 2019.

Arslanian points in particular to the continued entrance of institutional money and expertise into the world of crypto, a trajectory certainly propelled by the eventual launch of Fidelity’s crypto custodial services and the much-hyped Bakkt platform. Arslanian goes on to mention regulatory clarity, which many jurisdictions are beginning to develop, especially in places like Malta and Gibraltar, though in ‘less nimble’ countries like France and the US as well.

While crypto has taken a huge hit in the end of this last year, it ‘cleared a lot of the noise in the sector,’ as non-profitable crypto companies are increasingly shutting down to make way for companies who use a new technology to make a sustainable business model or product, a process which is familiar to anyone who lived through the dot-com boom.

Arslanian uses the metaphor that crypto is moving from a ‘baby’ to a ‘toddler,’ maturing into a more mature ecosystem. In Arslanian’s view, the hit that crypto has taken is merely growing pangs, an unfortunate but necessary component of the cycles that will lead to a booming marketplace for distributed ledger and crypto products in the future.

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