Nigerian blockchain expert "Crypto is on the rise and a push for Africa economy"

25 Dec, 2018
by Manon Bridou-Koenig
Nigerian blockchain expert Crypto is on the rise and a push for Africa economy

At the recent Luno Meet in Nigeria, named “Building Trust in the Nigerian Cryptocurrency Market”, some of Africa's most qualified crypto experts have been discussing the best way forward for the Nigerian blockchain industry, and aross the continent.

According to Lucky Uwakwe, the Chief Operating Officer of Blockchain Solutions Limited, cryptocurrency is on the rise globally, and that 65% of people are now aware of crypto in Nigeria. This was delivered in his recent presentation on “Building Trust in the Nigerian Cryptocurrency Market.”

Uwakwe cited research from Luno Nigeria that 25% of people in the study now own crypto in some form. He cited from the research that 51% saw crypto as an investment, 16% used crypto for online shopping and that 19% of people in the study used crypto for remittance.

Make Africa Crypto Friendly

Speaking on the importance of Bitcoin, Uwakwe said: “Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to use peer to peer technology; It is a simpler implementation of blockchain technology; Functions as a payment tool that can be used to send money, and carries value as an investment tool.”

Google Trends data further reveals that the most searches for Bitcoin in the world over the past week came from Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana.

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